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David aka Reinaldo from Marin

Post by David on Sat May 31, 2008 10:50 am

I like this new format. Yahoo is not bad but it has a lot of annoying quirks and has twice (over about 20 years) screwed up my accounts. Thanks for all your effort Jeff.

While living in Japan, in the USAF, I rode Cabton and Mizuho motorcycles. Both companies went out of business in the '50s. Then when I went back for college, I rode a "Pidgeon" That company died also Smile . Having put two companies out of business, I do sometimes worry about Honda--and I can't help noticing that Honda has no 2008 Reflex. I stopped riding in 1964 and only bought my first Reflex, "Raquel", in 2003. 2005 came my Silverwing, "Toronado" (Zorro's black stallion). Toronado was great, but after a little skid (Didn't go down, but tasted the adrenalin.) I decided I needed ABS and bought "El Fuego", a red Silverwing ABS in 2007.

For those who know me on Yahoo as Reinaldo, there is a good explanation. I write and photograph under the nom de plume of Reinaldo da Silva. I was logged into Yahoo on an aviation group when I signed up for my first Maxi group. Yahoo makes it very difficult to change, and also difficult to use two names on the same computer. So I still use Reinaldo there, but here I can be myself.

David, aka Reinaldo
2003 Silverwing ABS, "El Fuego"
Headlight Modulator, Stebel Horn, Fehling Rails, GPS
Hard sidecases. Brake Light Flasher, E52 Topcase
-.-. --.- -.. . .-- -.... ... --.- .- (Radio W6SQA)
144mhz, 220mhz, 440mhz (or GMRS, Ch. 3)
Russell Day-Long Saddle "Oh Yeah. . ."[i]

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