Turn Signal Beeper

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Turn Signal Beeper

Post by David on Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:38 am

I designed an inexpensive turn-signal beeper a few years ago. If you can solder, you can make it for about $5 worth of Radio Shack parts. Since then another fellow has used my design and is selling the same thing on EBay for $25.

I love this guy. It's not as good as self-canceling turn signals, but it does remind my ancient brain to cancel them after I've made the turn. It is loud enough that I can hear it even at slower speeds on the freeway with my helmet. But on the city streets the sound drops off quickly so it doesn't seem like pedestrians hear it.

If anyone wants more info, just let me know. I could post the instructions somewhere here--Jeff, where would you want it?

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Re: Turn Signal Beeper

Post by JeffR on Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:46 am


I created a new section for Scooter Maintenance & Eqiupment topics. Please post it there if you would. Oh by the way, I received the patches. Thanks for sending them so quick.



Ride safe,

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