Silverwing Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Patches

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Silverwing Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Patches

Post by David on Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:32 am

I put this up in the Honda forum, but in case some Silverwing riders don't get there--I never do, for example--I still have 4 of the Silverwing patches. I have sold all the rest. These patches cost $12 when I first got them, then the second order was $10.

I thought I had gotten rid of them all a year ago, but found an envelope with 29 more in my storage. Now that I've recovered my cost, I am asking only $7. I got rid of all except these 4 on the Yahoo Silverwing group. These are very high quality patches with iron-on backing (They can be sewn, but the iron-on works very well.) You can go to the Honda area here to see the patch.

If you want a patch, just email me directly and I'll give you the rest of the info.

David, aka Reinaldo,

David, aka Reinaldo
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