Jeff's question re: Aug ride weather

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Jeff's question re: Aug ride weather

Post by gtrlarry on Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:06 am

Hi Jeff, here is one answer to your questions about the weather here in the valley and foothills. I've lived here in Tracy since 2000. (moved from Fremont) It gets very warm in the summer here, many times in triple digits, but...this year it's been mostly cooler than average here, and it also depends on what day you go riding. It could be decently nice or very hot. We will have to watch the extended forcast to really know. Best idea I think is be prepared, because sometimes it's just as warm in the foothills as it is here, or it can be cooler. Not always cooler just because of the least in Sonora, Jamestown and Angels camp and Jackson. So I would bring a cooling vest (packed in plastic type bag or baggie or ziplock). Or like your idea of the fishing vest with the ice packs in the pockets! Then bring jacket liner (mesh jackets) or any warm jacket. I don't think it will get too cold, unless we go wayyyy into the mountains! I bought an inexpensive cooling vest, only $25.99 (techniche) It keeps ya cool forever it seems! If interested, go to

Ride safe-Larry
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