Harley business man

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Harley business man

Post by gtrlarry on Tue Jul 15, 2008 12:03 am

Well, the other weekend I was in Mission San Jose, where I grew up (Fremont), I noticed a bike behind me, some businessman type guy on a Harley....I stopped at a stop sign, proceded, the bike kinda swerved to the left (as it leaned that way as I took off) and the idiot behind me on the Harley didn't even stop at the stop sign...passed me on the left, and missed crashing into me by probably 2 inches, literally! Where did this guy learn how to ride? (Obviously he hasn't learned how to ride yet) even at 5 or 10 miles an hour you can do many $100's of dollars worth of damage to your bike! (Not to mention your body) What was he thinking? Again, obviously, he wasn't thinking! I layed on my horn coz I was pretty upset at his lack of concern and driving skills, but he just kept going...I hope he was thoroughly embarassed...but who knows....Just goes to show you...anything can happen! I hope never to be on the road anywhere near him when he's on the road. I feel sorry for anyone who is....

Ride safe-Larry
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