Group name; do we need a new one

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Group name; do we need a new one

Post by JeffR on Mon Jul 07, 2008 11:56 pm

Hi all,

This is my 4th and last suggestion for awhile. If you read my 3 other posts before this, 2009 Rally, Group cards, and a group calendar; do we need to decide on a name of our group, if BAMR is not what others would like. If we do decide to do any one of the above we would need a final permanent name. I like the name myself just because it makes sense for the area. But with the Central Valley starting the old Yahoo sister site, maybe we should make a group decision so everyone feels it is our group and not just a Bay area group. I would not want to have this group around for a few years just to find out that the Central valley riders really never felt comfortable with the name.

If we decide not to do any of the above projects than I guess we wouldn't need to talk about this at all. But I'm throwing it out there to talk about. I don't have any ideas but it would be nice, if we do change our name, that the initials actually say something. BAMR really doesn't mean anything so maybe others out there can think of a name that would. I just think we have a good group and can make it bigger and better. We are in the bay area and we are the only maxi-rider group. I don't really count the vespa type groups in with ours really. Not trying to sound crass or anything but ours our touring scooters for the most part.


Ride safe,

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Re: Group name; do we need a new one

Post by CaptJohn on Tue Jul 08, 2008 12:42 am

The Bay Area has always been broken down into 9 Counties, including the following:

1. San Francisco
2. San Mateo
3. Santa Clara
4. Alameda
5. Contra Costa
6. Marin
7. Sonoma
8. Solano and
9. Napa

Now, if you called us the "Northern California Maxi Riders" aka "NCMR", you'd cover all of our riders; and you could have subdirectories for all the different groups within Northern California e.g. Bay Area, Central Valley, Sacramento Area, Coastal Region, etc.

Jeff, this is just a thought; I'm perfectly happy without current name.

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