2009 Group Calendar through www.cafepress.com

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2009 Group Calendar through www.cafepress.com

Post by JeffR on Mon Jul 07, 2008 11:49 pm

Hi all,

I know I just posted a couple of ideas, Group cards & and hosting a 2009 group rally, but how about a calendar for 2009. There is the www.maxi-scoots.com site that did this, and my family and I are on the month of April, and I wondered why not our group do this. The calendars were $15 each, if I remember correctly, and it would be a fun project. We just need to take a high quality picture and then decide what month the member will be on it. If we have more than 12 wanting to do this, which I'm sure we would have, then we could put 2 on a month and then a really nice group picture on the front cover, a couple of pictures on the rear cover, and so forth. It seems we just need some type of Photoshop software in order to do a good job. We have time to think and implement this if we want to.

Maybe David could be talked into taking a very good quality photo of the group, for a really nice lunch. Laughing When the maxi-scoots.com group did this it seemed like a really fun project. So lets shoot this idea around too. Again, if we do any of these things we would need to come up with a name of our group, if we don't like this name. It doesn't matter to me since we make decisions as a group. We can change the name of this site easy so we should shoot that around too. I will make a seperate post about the name too. Hope I'm not throwing too much out here and if I am please tell me. We are a good size group and I think this group will continue to grow since we are in a great area to ride.


Ride safe,

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