Police motorcycle competition in Oakland...

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Police motorcycle competition in Oakland...

Post by llrdhsktr on Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:14 pm

If you didn't go, you missed out some amazing bike handling! I've only seen this on video before and to see it live was a treat! Several California police motorcycle forces were in attendance, Oakland, being the largest contingent. SFPD, Hayward, San Leandro, Sacramento, Rancho Cordova and others were duking it out for best times on a tight course. Since it was in my own backyard, it was also great to see officers I knew. Harleys, BMW and Honda's were scored in their own catagories due to unique performance characteristics for each bike. I couldn't believe how leaned over those BMW and Honda's could go plus their speed. One of the best riders was on a Harley and he scraped his pipes on both sides on every turn and turned in times comparable to the more agile and faster BMW's and Honda's! I couldn't stay for the whole thing, but what I saw was VERY impressive. The local Harley dealer also had clothing, boots and accessories for sale. If you're a HD fan, you would of been in hog heaven...food vendors, bike communication, law enforcement vendors and Lo Jack were there also. Didn't see any scooters where I parked when I left scratch


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