Gallery Sub-Folders

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Gallery Sub-Folders

Post by JeffR on Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:52 am


I just figured out how to make a sub-folder in the Gallery area. If you need a sub-folder placed in the Gallery section please get in touch with me and I will create one so you can place your pictures in it. All members are allowed one personal gallery but Scott or I will need to create a sub-folder in the "Gallery" section to place the new photos.

I created a "Temporary Folder" in the Gallery section. {CLICK ON THE GALLERY PHOTO ON THE MAIN PAGE AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE SUB-FOLDERS IN THE GALLERY SECTION} So if you want to have a new folder created please inform Scott or myself. But in the mean time please follow these instructions:

If you want a seperate Album/Folder:

1) Post your pictures in the "Temporary Folder" with the name of the new folder in the picture. Say you want a new folder with the name, "July 1st ride (and your name)". Post those pictures in the "Temporary Folder" under that name. When you want to do this you will see the "Upload Pic" button, when you hit this then you will see the screen that will allow you to chose a picture on your computer and then at the bottom there is a drop down menu to chose which folder you want to upload the picture to. Please select the "Temporary Folder" selection.

2) Notify Scott or myself on the new Folder you need created, i.e. "July 1st ride (Jeff) {put in your name though}. We will create a new folder with that name and then transfer your photo's to that album or folder.

3) If you have any questions or problems please notify Scott or myself.


Ride safe,

JeffR (Admin)

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Gallery Sub folders

Post by gtrlarry on Thu Jun 26, 2008 8:24 pm

Good idea Jeff, glad you figured it out...I was wondering how to do I just put a few pics up and would worry about it later, but you fixed this problem-thanks to Jeff and Scott....

Ride safe-Larry
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