Cheap cooling vest

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Cheap cooling vest

Post by JeffR on Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:19 am

On the June 22nd ride I experimented with a make shift cooling vest. I bought this tan hunting/fishing vest at Wal-mart with pockets in front and back, and also bought some of those smaller blue gel freeze packs. When it started to get hot I put it on and put 1 pack in each of the 2 front pockets, and 2 gel packs in the larger pocket in the back. The cost of the vest was $15 and each gel pack was 92 cents. I kept them in a collapseable cooler, which did a great job keeping them frozen, and when I put it on I have to say it did a really good job. This is my new method of keeping cool. It did such a good job that at first it was a little too cold against my body. I only wore a tshirt under so that is probably why, but after about 30mins it was perfect. I'm trying to find a way not to have to spend over $100 for the phase change vests since I don't really want the cooling vests you have to put in water. I just don't want to get wet with those things.

Overall I have to say it worked very good for me and kept me cool. I believe the temp was in the low 90's so it still isn't too hot but I stayed cool with my jacket on. Does anyone else have a system you use? I will continue to use this until something else comes my way. I will take pics of the vest and post them with the gel packs. My wife did tailor it a bit so it would fit tight around my body. It didn't take her long at all to hem it in. It fits nice and tight and keeps the gel packs tight against my body, which is what you would want for this to work the best, I think.

Ride safe,

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Cooling vest

Post by gtrlarry on Thu Jun 26, 2008 8:20 pm

That is a great idea! Can't believe nobody's thought of that yet! I heard the other day while standing in line at Savemart, that Harley Davidson had just come out with a cooling vest for only $45 bucks! I will check it out online to see if I can find it....I will let y'all know if it's for real. Meanwhile, you can't beat the price of Jeff's vest! Going to check that out too! Thanks!

Ride safe-Larry
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